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Fandrich Cone Harvesters: What's a Cone Harvester?

A Fandrich cone harvester (or "rake") is an 8-foot diameter, cone-shaped machine used to pick seed cones off treetops.

Lowering over tree
Lowering over tree

During operation, a rake is suspended from a helicopter and lowered over a treetop.

Then, depending on the model, the rake
shears off the treetop (Fandrich shear), Shear or combs the treetop using plastic, rotating fingers (Fandrich powerrake) Powerrake or metal, immobile knives (Fandrich branch collector). Branch Collector

The cones from the treetops fall into a collection basket attached to the machine, and after a few loads, the helicopter travels to a dumping site and unloads the cones.
Dumping cones

There the cones are sorted and bagged, and the seeds
are then extracted from the cones to be used for reforestation.

Sorting Cones Bags of Cones Seeds in a cone

Fandrich Cone Harvesters' non-cone-harvesting equipment works in a similar manner.

Grapple in action

A grapple collects debris from creeks using a switch-operated claw, and

a desailer cuts off treetops (topper) to decrease the wind profile of trees, because when left untreated, trees next to creeks or next to clearcut areas are susceptible to being blown down during storms.

More detailed information about Fandrich aerial equipment can be found on The Machines page.